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Welcome to Tanana City School District.
 TCSD is a one site school district with a current enrollment of 49 students. Maudrey J. Sommer School is situated next to the wild and beautiful Yukon River, just down river from where the Tanana River joins. Students here are able to learn in an environment that is unique to village life on the Yukon. We embrace the strength of the culture and honor the values that encourage our youth to strive for excellence in all things. We hope you enjoy our website.  


  • Spring Break 2017 will be from March 13-20. School resumes Tuesday, March 21 at 9 am. Enjoy your break! Less than two months of school left for the year after the break. 

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District News

  • Iditarod, The First 10 Years

    Posted by Therese Ashton at 3/30/2015 9:00:00 AM
     Iditarod, The First 10 Years is a beautifully done book sent by Jim Uhl and the old Iditarod Gang. Jim taught here back in 1075-77. He has fond memories of the village and wanted to pass on his hellos to everyone here. He wrote, "  Tanana and the time I spent there along with the good folks therein were a life changing event in my life.  Although I only spent two years in Tanana, it is where I consider that I grew-up, maturity wise at least. I still have friends there even though we may not have seen each other for years, they are still close to my heart."
    We are keeping the book in the school for our students to use but if you'd like to look it over just come by and we'll let you peruse it.
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  • Never Give Up!

    Posted by Therese Ashton at 3/30/2015 8:00:00 AM
    Never Give Up!
    Arnold Marks, our high school teacher, and his brother Archie Agnes raced in the Iron Dog this year. They had some major set backs but never gave up. Hear what these guys had to say and what makes us so proud!
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  • T-shirt Sales

    Posted by Therese Ashton at 3/12/2015
    We have Wolves t-shirts and hoodies for SALE at MJSS. The tribe got the t-shirts for us and all proceeds will go to the student activities fund for the sports' teams travel.
    red t   white t red hoodie  earrings
    Click pictures for larger view.
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